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Black Elegant Dress with Embellished Collar -K234014123Black Elegant Dress with Embellished Collar -K234014123
Black Collared Shirt Dress -K234014128Black Collared Shirt Dress -K234014128
Black Embroidered V-Neck Kaftan Dress-K234014129Black Embroidered V-Neck Kaftan Dress-K234014129
Black Embroidered V-Neck Kaftan Dress-K234014131Black Embroidered V-Neck Kaftan Dress-K234014131
Purple Dress with Flower Detail at the Neckline-K234014134Purple Dress with Flower Detail at the Neckline-K234014134
Black Thin-Strap Satin Long Dress-K234014135Black Thin-Strap Satin Long Dress-K234014135
Purple Thin-Strap Satin Long Dress-K234014135Purple Thin-Strap Satin Long Dress-K234014135
Black Draped Detail Dress-K234014138Black Draped Detail Dress-K234014138
Black Sequin Embellished Long Dress-K234014153Black Sequin Embellished Long Dress-K234014153
Black Sequin Embellished Long Dress-K234014155Black Sequin Embellished Long Dress-K234014155
Black Fluffy High Neck Long Dress-K234014156Black Fluffy High Neck Long Dress-K234014156